There are a number of hormones in both men and women which regulate how we feel and the way our bodies function daily. With the assessment of various endocrine functions, Chambers Clinic can determine your overall hormonal health and develop specific treatments to achieve and maintain healthy hormone balance.


Most commonly in women, menopause, peri-menopause and PMS symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness, mood swings, fatigue, missed cycles or heavy cycles may signal the need for intervention or treatment. Many times simple supplementation regimens will improve the body’s endocrine functions, thereby easing symptoms. But in the event that hormone replacement is necessary, we choose bio-identical hormones over synthetic hormones because they are an exact chemical match to the hormones made in the human body.

Some hormones used in treatment might be progesterone, estradiol, DHEA, testosterone, and cortisol. We recognize that although menopause is a natural process in a woman’s life, the symptoms that typically characterize the cessation of fertile years can be difficult both physically and emotionally. Our intention is to ease this transition and prevent health problems through the assessment of various endocrine functions. Dietary and lifestyle changes may be suggested in addition to prescribed nutritional supplementation.


As men age beyond 30, testosterone begins to drop. This reduction of testosterone can lead to fatigue, lack of vitality and even erectile dysfunction. By using strategies to consider the whole body, we individualize treatment to suit your specific needs and balance all of the sex hormones in order for you to feel more like your (young) self.


An often overlooked component to many symptoms is the environmental burden on the body – especially the liver. The liver is expected to cleanse the body of toxins, including xeno-estrogens and fat-soluble toxins.

To cleanse the body and clear the channels, we have a comprehensive “detox” program that improves overall health, reduces stress and also reduces symptoms and fatigue. Cleansing your body leaves you feeling more lively and healthful, and even with a deep sense of peace and well-being.